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St. Croix Vacation Video

Here is video about a typical St. Croix vacation. It’s 6 minutes long. The music is called Noah’s Ark by CocoRosie. Hope you like it! –Cruzana

So Many St. Croix Beaches

Looking for St. Croix beaches? You’ll find many gorgeous beaches to choose from. Most have very few people except on weekends when the locals arrive to relax, swim and have cookouts. Some have palm trees for shade and other will require you to load up on sunscreen. All St. Croix beaches are supposed to be available to the public but some resorts make it difficult.

The only beach that’s closed part of the year is Sandy Point Beach for turtle nesting.

Buccaneer Beach
Lovely beach at the Buccaneer resort hotel, three in a row.

Buck Island Beach
Turtle Beach is on Buck Island which was declared a national Monument by President Kennedy. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean. You can access this beach by taking one of the many charter boats that visit the island each day. Under-water snorkeling trail.

cane_bay.jpgCane Bay Beach
Beautiful sandy beach with spectacular views of Hamm’s Bluff, shade, snorkeling and world class diving on the reefs and walls close to shore. Cane Bay Dive center, Cane Bay Beach Bar & Grill, Off the Wall Beach Bar & Grill, and Sprat Net Bar.

Carambola Beach
Davis Bay or Carambola Beach. Picture postcard perfect. Restaurant, bar and dive shop. Good waves. Swim at far end.

Chenay Bay Beach
Good sandy beach at Cheney Bay Beach Resort. Some grass on bottom. Restaurant and bar, hammocks, beach chairs and kayak rentals.

Coakley Bay Beach
Long and beautiful beach at Coakley Bay Resort.

Colony Cove Beach

Sandy beach with reef and excellent snorkeling. Located at Colony Cove Beach Resort.

Columbus Landing Beach
Historic site of the landing of the Columbus at Salt River. Public.

Pelican Cove Beach
Sandy beach, restaurant and bar, water-sports center.

Cramer Park
Beautiful and sandy public beach, calm waters. Picnic facilities.

Davis Bay Beach
Located at the Carambola Resort Hotel. Check in at the guard booth and tell them you are going in for lunch. Beautiful white sand beach in a spectacular setting. Restaurant, bar, dive shop.

Gentle Winds Beach
Located on the North Shore at the Gentle Winds Condominium Resort. Beautiful white sand beach.

Grapetree Bay Beach
On the south eastern shore of St. Croix close to the Divi casino. Beautiful white sand beach. Can sometimes be a little rough.

Hey Penny Beach
Nice beach, usually calm water. Some sea grass in spots. Picturesque long beach.

Hibiscus Beach
Sandy beach, snorkeling. Watch out for undertow in rough seas. Restaurant and bar.

Isaac’s Bay Beach

Secluded, calm, remote beach.

Jack’s Bay Beach
Jack’s Bay is remote but beautiful and secluded. East end.

Protestant Cay Beach
Nice beach with view of Christiansted. Parasailing, wind surfers, wave-runners, snorkeling, restaurant, bar. Across from Christiansted by water taxi.

Rainbow Beach Club
Spectacular sandy beach. Beach restaurant and bar. One mile north of Frederiksted.

Reef Beach
At Teague Bay. Duggan’s Reef restaurant and bar.

Sandy Point Beach
Secluded beach established primarily to protect the nesting grounds of endangered leatherback turtles. Was in Shawshank Redemption film. One of the longest stretches of sandy beaches in the Caribbean at over 2 miles long. Open weekends only. No facilities.

Shoy Beach or Shoys Beach
A nice beach east of Christiansted. Good for swimming

Sprat Hall Beach
A long stretch of sand one mile long. Beach restaurant and bar.

Sugar Beach
Beautiful powder white sand beach. Calm water, sea grass on the bottom.

The Waves at Cane Bay

Just before Cane Bay is The Waves, a restaurant and small hotel. The location is right on the water and as the name implies… the waves roll in and break on the coral shoreline. It’s a beautiful spot to have a few drinks, enjoy a great dinner and watch the sunset.

The Waves at Cane Bay recently reopened after renovations. The oceanfront restaurant is beautifully renovated with a stone back wall, tiki torches, mahogany tables and chairs, and well kept grounds. There is an intimate little bar if you prefer. There are arched openings that perfectly frame the ocean and rolling waves. I’m told on a clear day you can see Vieques, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. John.

The menu ranges from steak to fish dishes in the $15-30 range. I had blackened Mahi Mahi which was perfectly cooked along with the most amazing broccoli I think I’ve ever had (after dinner I actually complimented the chef on how tasty it was). Service was good and dinner came surprisingly fast compared to some other St. Croix restaurants.

The restaurant overlooks their own natural salt water pool, one where the waves actually break over the reef and wash into the pool. And of course the star of the show is the view of Cane Bay Beach, the Hamm’s Bluff mountains and the incredible sunset. We were told the night before everyone saw “the green flash”. We waited with fingers crossed but no flash for us. Sunset was stunning anyway.

Click for more info about The Waves at Cane Bay…


Some Ting Good

Ting is a carbonated beverage sold here on St. Croix. It’s made over in Antiqua and is found on most of the Caribbean islands we’ve visited like: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Lucia. We usually find Ting in little green 8 oz. bottles. Most of the grocery stores and convenience stores carry Ting. The cost is similar to other soft drinks.

We like Ting. We even buy it by the case! The taste is refreshing, especially on a hot day. It is slightly carbonated and therefore bubbly. It has a citrus flavor made from Caribbean grapefruit. Of course it’s best served ice cold. No ting like a cold Ting.

Ting’s not full of strange chemicals either. The ingredients list reads: carbonated water, sugar, grapefruit juice, natural grapefruit flavor and citric acid. Not bad compared to all the chemical-laden soft drinks out there. Okay, it’s not actually “good for you” either, but neither is Rum.

Next time you’re in the Virgin Islands try some Ting! We highly recommend it.


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