northshore_lead.jpgA new association has recently formed for those of us who love the North Shore. Appropriately named the “North Shore St. Croix Association”, their mission is to preserve and enhance the beauty of the North Shore. St. Croix has many beautiful areas but the North side is certainly stunning, and has mostly gone undiscovered by the general public who visit the Virgin Islands. This new association plans to capture some of that beauty on their website and highlight the beaches, businesses and attractions that dot the countryside.

There is a North Shore St. Croix Destinations section on their website which describes 30 or 40 places tourists might find interesting to visit. These destinations are arranged in driving order to make it easy to follow. There is a map of the North Shore for visual help in locating each destination, an events page, and a news section which discusses membership news.

If you love the North Shore you may want to become a member. It’s free.

If you have a business or organization located on the North Shore you can also join for free. Plus you can have your business added to the Destinations section, at no charge!

For more information visit the North Shore St. Croix Association website…