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Smokes & Sweets on St. Croix

dsc_1248.jpgDown in the Pan Am Pavilion is another one of St. Croix’s good things… Steele’s Smokes & Sweets. Jeff and Mary Ann Seroogy run a small store with a large selection of premium cigars, tobaccos, homemade fudge and delicious gourmet chocolates. You’ll find everything from Cohibas to Macanudos and Godiva Chocolates to Lindt Truffles.

It appears both smokes and sweets are equally popular. Mary Ann mentioned that two of their most popular sweets are Caribbean Rum Balls and their very own Seroogy’s chocolates, family-made since 1899. Me, I like to visit Smokes & Sweets to step down into the cigar room, a glass enclosed room lined with wooden shelves of exotic looking cigars. Funny part is, I don’t even smoke cigars. I just like the feeling, the smells, and the visual richness of this great little shop.

tony.jpgAnd did you know? When the colorful cigar boxes are empty Jeff simply gives them away, free for the taking (other shops charge several dollars each). I find the boxes are both beautiful and utilitarian. They’re great for storing receipts, postcards, small collections, and some may even fit CDs. Another interesting tidbit… one of Jeff Seroogy’s family members is the famous actor Tony Shalhoub from the hit TV shows Wings and Monk.

For more information visit their website at

Below are a few photos of Steele’s Smokes & Sweets, located in Christiansted, St. Croix USVI plus a few shots of the cigar boxes that hold my St. Croix treasures…



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  1. Mary Ann Seroogy

    Thank you Eric for this great article!
    We are glad you enjoy our shop!

  2. Roger S Anderson

    A voice or should I say a note from the past.
    While attending my 40th class reunion from DePere High School when talking to Mary Jane Herber your name came up and she mentioned that you lived somewhere in the tropics. She suggested that I do a people search on you, I d id and found the web site for your shop. Interesting that you took the family business to the tropics.

    Margie my wife and I had planned to take a vacation in ST Croix last Easter but that did not happen thanks airline screw ups. We also talk of moving to the tropics some day. Would like to get some suggestions on where or how to research such a move and get a true vue of what it would be like.

    Well I ave to go and get ready to meet some friends for dinner. Hope to hear from you and maybe talk.


    Roger Anderson

  3. Joe Bray


    Nice set up! Now I know where you got all those great cigars. Good to see you last week.


    Joe Bray

  4. Roger S Anderson


    I hope you had a good visit back to the old home town.
    Were your travels uneventful? If so that great. does not happen that often any more.

    Well we have booked our flights to St Croix we leave Good Friday and return the next Friday. I have not booked any accomodations yet. that is were you come in we would like your advise. We would like a place on the beach, we like to swim snorkel and walk the beach, The before mentioned activities would probably entertain us for most of the week. We would like some place nice but a four star rating is not is certainly not required. If you could give us some ideas that would be great and much appreciated. Any suggestions as far as thing to do or must see places would also be appreciated. Would you advise renting a car or simply rely on public transport or a taxi?

    When I contacted a travel agent to book the flights she a first tried to fly out of Green Bay the price came up as 1400 plus per person, she said then asked if we could fly out from another airport , she then tried Milwaukee and the price was a little better then she tried Appleton and come up with $628. per person

    Your help/advise on the above would be great so that we can finalize our tropical vacation.



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