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VI Phonebook Online

All phone numbers for St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas here at

Find St. Croix USVI appraisers, surveyors, attorneys, builders, developers, rental agents and much more. A great online resources for researching your St. Croix USVI real estate purchase! This is the next best thing to a real paper phonebook.

VI Property Revaluation Website

From this Property Revaluation Website you can look up information about property tax accounts and about property characteristics and values.

In depth details from their website:

There have been two phases to development of this site:


Provide access to the Tax Assessor’s files as a public service to taxpayers and others seeking public information available in the files


Give taxpayers access to information on their property that has been collected by VI Property Revaluation
Provide taxpayers the opportunity to view the proposed value for their property before tax bills for the 2006 tax year are mailed.
This is PHASE II. For those of you who are new to the site, you can search for a property by

Parcel Number (printed in the upper right block on the tax bill)
Owner Name
Property Location
Deed information
All of these searches start from the Parcel Search or Tax Bill Search option on the Property Tax Menu in the left screen panel.


In the Parcel – Search screen, enter the Parcel #. This number is found in the upper right block of your property tax bill.
Press enter or click the Search key.
The search results will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click on the highlighted parcel number to get more detailed information about the property.

Enter location information in the Legal Description field of the Parcel – Search screen. The less detail the better.
Make use of the “%” wild card search tool. Example:
You are looking for information on MANDAHL 11-X. The property may be in the system as MANDAHL 11-X or 11-X MANDAHL or ESTATE MANDAHL 11-X or 11X ESTATE MANDAHL. To locate the first possibility simply enter MANDAHL and all property locations beginning with MANDAHL will come up. To narrow the search, enter Mandahl%11 or 11% Mandahl. From the list, select the highlighted parcel number to view detailed information about the property you are seeking.


In the Parcel – Search screen, click whether the Name Type is “Individual/Family” or “Org/DBA” (for businesses)
Enter the owner’s last name to get a list of all owners with that last name. In general, the less detail that is entered the more successful the search will be. The last name and the first initial or few characters of the first name of the person you are seeking should be sufficient.

If you have the Document # and/or Date Recorded for a property, enter it here.

Example: you can search for all deeds in a particular Estate recorded on the same date. Be sure to press the Clear Fields button whenever you are going to try a new type of search, or the program will try to make a combination search. Or, simply re-click the Parcel Search menu button.

USVI Recorder of Deeds Website

Here is link to USVI Recorder of Deeds… This is a great website for researching property deeds, mortgages, personal liens, tax liens, and other miscellaneous documents against individuals and property owners. Registration is FREE. We have used this site to discover who what properties are next to the ones we like, to find out what buyers previously paid, and to see if the home “looks like it probably” has a clear title (of course that’s not a replacement for title insurance).

Hope this link helps you with your USVI property search.

Links to All Real Estate Sites

Below is a comprehensive list of website links, addresses and phone numbers to all St. Croix USVI real estate agents, brokers and Realtors. If you’d like your link added or spot a possible correction… email us.

Links to All the St. Croix Real Estate Sites

4 Star Real Estate | Blue Sky Realty | Calabash Real Estate | Bidelspacher | Marsha Benson | CB Land-de Wilde Realty | Lorine R. Williams | Coral Beach Realty | Danish West Indies | Marjorie Robbins | Ford Real Estate | Farchette and Hanley | Jack Cappiello | Lad Concepcion | David Fedeles | Warren Georges | Chris Hanley | Jan Hanley | Eldon Lambert | Lee Seward | Cynthia Taylor | Buyer Agent St. Croix | Alexandra Bentley | Hamilton Real Estate | Fortunata Pascal | Pillar Fletcher | John Foster Real Estate | J.A. Lordi | Mahogany Realty | Paradise Properties | Remax St Croix | Roland Groder | Joe San Martin | John McCarthy | Trish Rhodes | Allan Coad | Karen Stanton | R & R Realty | SeaBlue Homes | Sun Realty | Ava Gail Bourdon | Claudia Carrington | Walcott Real Estate | Crucian Properties

Other Sites to Find St. Croix Homes for Sale

Craiglist: Caribbean Real Estate using keyword Croix
Ebay: Real Estate using keyword Croix St. Croix USVI real estate
Southgate Crossing

Address and Phone Numbers of All St. Croix Realtors

4 Star Real Estate
5027 Anchor Way, Suite 1, Christiansted, VI 00820
(340) 719-4146
Ivan Minarik
John F. McCarthy

American Rentals & Sales
2001 Old Hospital Street #3 Christiansted, VI 00820
(340) 773-8470
Dorothy Gilroy
Ann Marsh

Andrews Real Estate
32 King Street , Christiansted, VI 00820 (340) 773-6463
Rupertha Andrews
Janice Brooks

Angel Suarez, Jr. Realty
60 Queen Street PO Box 313, Frederiksted, Vi 00841 (340) 772-3736
Paul Casandra
Andgel Suarez

Antilles Brokerage Corp.
3280 Golden Rock PO Box 26497, Golden Rock, VI 00824 (340) 773-9150
Adam Hoover
Linda Nelson
Nicholas Tyler

Bidelspacher Real Estate
3 North Grapetree Bay, VI 00820 (340) 773-9250
Robert Bidelspacher

Blue Sky Realty
11-12 Strand St., Frederiksted, VI 00840 (340) 332-9827
Caryn Hodge, Broker

Carl Christopher Real Estate
P.O. Box 4090, Kingshill, St. Croix, VI 00851 (340) 772-2220
Carl Christopher

Calabash Real Estate
4126 La Grande Princesse, Christiansted, VI 00820 (340) 718-5285
Honnie Edwards
Bry Locher
Esther Joseph
Dale Donawa
Tom Pinchbeck
Emma von Fink
Jennifer Lockwood
Ness Fennessey
Pearl Shelby Sharpe
Doug Freeman
Anya Spielberg
Robert Quinn
Becky Merwin
Doane Dariah
Trish Rhodes

Century 21 Richard & Ayer (joined Farchette & Hanley)
Anthony J. Ayer
Linda Ayer Holt
Marsha Benson
Teresa Calpano
Jack Carson
Matthew Hawes
Mary Ann McGriff
Sandra Putnam Davis
Erick Reynolds
Jeannine Sutherland
Jeffery Whelan
Paula Wilson
Kim Gabriel
Linda Stamper

CB Land-de Wilde Realty
Amy Land-de Wilde
Isabel Brady
Diane Burns
Nancy Gentry
Warren Georges
Marilyn Lockwood
Pamela Hunt-McFadden
Sylvia Pittman
Patti Scafidi
Linda Stamper
Joe Thayer
Sharon Thayer
Lorine R. Williams
Anita Galindo

Coral Beach Realty
Attorney Kathleen Mackay
Valerie Sheppeard-Hankins
Alfred F. Hankins, Jr.
Shaula M. Jeffers

Cornerstone Investments
Pam & Dallas Tirk
Stacey Neilsen
Dave Rauschenberger
Joseph Bramble
Heather Hitchcock
Marjorie Belardo
Paul Cyr

Crucian Properties

Danish West Indies
Marjorie Robbins

Doug Millar Real Estate
Doug Millar

Ford Real Estate

Dwaine E. Ford
Ivan Minarik
Arthur Gray
David Jackson
Donna Ford
Mark Sperber
Suzanne Yunker
Toni Mrotz
Victoria Finke

Farchette and Hanley
Jack Cappiello
Dave Carr
Lad Concepcion
David Fedeles
Chris Hanley
Jan Hanley
Ray Hathaway

Rick Hillyer
Ed Jordan
Eldon Lambert
Rick Rothenberger
Lee Seward
Casey Wilson
Joel Ureta
Cheryl Fuller
Kerri Hanley
Anita Johnson
Michelle Moore
Stephanie Shoyer
Cynthia Taylor
Kurt Walcott
Karen Wilson

Fromer Real Estate
Sheelagh Fromer

Gotts & Associates
Carl Gotts
Susan Julios

Buyer Agent St Croix
Charles Ulrich
Kim Lucas

Great House Real Estate
Alexandra Bentley
Marcia Hollins
Regine Fitzner
H. A. Curt Otta

Hamilton Real Estate
Fortunata Pascal
Greg Hamilton
Patrice Kelly
Sandra Bastian-Carty
Pillar Fletcher

Landmark Realty
Doward Anastasia
Stephen Fleishman
Howard Ereen
Joyce Orielly
Douglas Williams

Lawaetz Real Estate
Valeria Gasperi
Hans Lawaetz
Sally Lawaetz

The Jaber Company
Sherleen Illidge
Jaber Yusef
Richardo Rodriguez

John Foster Real Estate
Peter Briggs

J.A. Lordi
Judith Lordi

Mahogany Realty
45M La Grande Princesse, Christiansted, VI 00820 (340)715-7917
Sherrymae Morales
Nathania M. Bates, Esq.
Malinda Vigilant
Neil Canton
Julia Sheen

Noreen Dunn Real Estate
Noreen Dunn

OutSource LLC
David Maier

Paradise Properties
Diana Robinson
Herman Kleemeyer

Realty Caribbean
Judy Baumgarten
Bedzaida Osorio

Remax St Croix
Andrea Stephenson
Earle Robinson
Catherine Allen
Roland Groder
Ruddie George
Joe San Martin
Julie San Martin
John McCarthy
Deb Witcraft
Trish Rhodes
Allan Coad
Dawn Johns
Karen Stanton

R & R Realty
Julie Rasmussen
Barbara Richards

SeaBlue Homes

Southland Properties
Claudette Phillip

St. Croix Realty
Eddy Rivera

St. John Properties
BJ Harris
Vicky Pederson

Sun Realty
Emma Sun
Deb Sun
Ava Gail Bourdon
Claudia Carrington

Teague Bay Properties
John Cappiello

TK Properties
Jenyne Nelson

Virgin Estate
Diane Russell

Walcott Real Estate
Marjorie Williams
Kurt Walcott
Ayodele Idewu
Sandra Bastian-Carty

Diving St. Croix – North Shore & The “Wall”

Having not been diving in over a year, I was going through a bit of ocean withdrawal. The only cure of course was to get back in the water – ASAP! So, that’s exactly what we did. I’ve just returned from St. Croix where my son and I spent the better part of a week diving our brains out.

This was not one of those “planned far in advance” deals. It was more like, I want to go now! So that’s basically what happened. There were only a couple parameters which included “doing it on the cheap” and maximum diving. I also wanted to check out the island, and enjoy some good food – shrimp in particular.


With the top dive sites located along the islands north side between Ham’s Bluff and Salt River, I found a small, older hotel (just 9 rooms), right on the shore in Cane Bay. Every room had a balcony that provided a 180 degree view of the ocean. You could see St. Thomas and St. John on the horizon, and the continual sound of the surf was totally relaxing.

This hotel also just happened to have one of the best restaurants (extremely popular with the locals), right on site. The owner is a great guy, and offers super deals several nights a week, like a lobster dinner on Wednesdays for just 17 bucks!

Some of the best diving on St. Croix is along the “Wall” that runs parallel to the north side. It’s only a couple hundred yards offshore, and can easily be reached with a short swim out from Cane Bay Beach. Our first 2 dives were shore dives there, one off to the east and the other to the west.

The “Wall” is awesome. The reefs are just offshore at around 30 to 50 feet down. You then swim out over a wall that drops down to 3200 feet. Swimming along the face between 60′ to 110′ we saw an incredible diversity of marine life, from dense corals and sponges to turtles, lobsters, crabs, and a wide assortment of colorful reef fish.

I saw the largest spotted drum yet – over a foot long, which was unusual for me, as most I’d encountered elsewhere were juveniles of an inch or two. There were also more of this one type of tube sponge than I’d seen before. These were a sort of translucent lavender or purple, and seemed to be on every reef we visited.

Over near Salt River, there are huge coral heads with some small caves and giant swim-throughs. These are just plain fun, and the dive was always over way before we could tire of this part of the wall. It was there we found one of the largest hawksbill turtles I’ve ever seen, and some equally large lobster.


One other dive that’s a must do, is the Frederiksted Pier. Very “fishy”, with lots of critters. Spider crabs and red & blue banded coral shrimp were everywhere, and several octopus sightings – even during the day. Although time constrained us from doing the pier at night, it’s touted as one of the best possible night dives. Judging by what we saw during the day, that’s easy to believe.

I haven’t even touched yet on the great wreck dives, and there’s tons more of good stuff on St. Croix, from our rent car guy waiting for us at the airport with sign in hand so we couldn’t miss him, to great places to eat, and lots of history – especially seeing all the old windmills around the island from centuries past when “sugar was king”.

For more about the trip along with details and pictures of where we stayed, places visited, where we ate, and everything else from dive shops to car rentals, check out diving St. Croix You can also review our island by island travel guides for planning an awesome Caribbean vacation, and read the latest destination reviews at

Story By J Allen
All Underwater photos including Leopard Manta Ray, Hawksbill Turtle, Sting Ray, Pipe Fish and Reef Fish taken at The Wall at Cane Bay by TR Vreeland

For more about diving Cane Bay and The Wall click here… 

St. Croix Island Rentals

Here’s a pretty neat idea for a rental website, you find a rental and instead of paying the advertised rate you simply “bid” on it, similar to Ebay. Unfortunately all their property photos are low-res. Oh well, it’s still a good idea and may be a good website for getting a deal on a great rental. Nice Google maps integration.

Click on United States then Virgin Islands to find your St. Croix island rental at!

St. Croix Traveler Website

Here’s a website I haven’t seen before. Looks like the folks who run the website are from New Hampshire and they’re writing about St. Croix. They’ve got a newsletter I just signed up for. I’ll let you know how it is later. Click here to visit St. Croix Traveler…

St. Croix Map

Looks like a lot of work went into these maps. They’re kind of an all purpose map with some added fun items like fish, scuba dive spots, surf spots, bike trails and more. Maybe Franko will send us one to review, and we’ll let you know. Printed on waterproof, rip-proof plastic. Available folded or flat laminated (like a placemat). The map size is 26.75″ x 18.5″.  Folded $8.00, Laminated $16.00

Click for Franko’s Maps…


USVI Newsletter

Several months ago we subscribed to the Island News newsletter. It’s very informative and well-written. It’s 8.5″ x 11″ in size and is usually about 20 pages in length. The information is written from a helpful perspective with an eye toward the realities of the islands from a property owners perspective. They are not afraid to discuss both negative and positive points of view, with everything from crime to government officials.

Here is the link… Island News

Virgin Islands Car Sticker

I bought one of these stickers for my wifes car. It looks great and is fairly high quality. Available for under $5. Adds a nice touch to the car. A great reminder of where you want to be. Click here to order at (and free shipping too).


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