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Website Partnerships

Cruzana is looking to exchange links with other selected websites. If you have a website related to St. Croix (in any way) send us an email. Your website could be about a St. Croix business, event, service, vacation rental, real estate company, you name it. We are happy to exchange links with you! Email eric at cruzana dot com.

Become a Freelance Writer for Cruzana

0721desk.jpgCruzana is looking for a few freelance writers to write about “the good things” on St. Croix. If you’d like to write for a growing website, share your valuable island experiences, gain wider exposure for your writing abilities, or just have some fun then Cruzana is a great place to start! You might even decide to tell friends, “I’ve become a writer in a tropical paradise… just like Ernest Hemingway”.

We enable amateurs and professionals to market their writing skills, experience and education of St. Croix to our growing population of stateside and international readers, vacationers, and on-island residents. Events need publicity, businesses need exposure, historic attractions need tribute, and the simple everyday pleasures of island life need appreciation too.

Why not give it a try! Write from home and email-in your story. There is no cost, and no commitment required. Write one article or one hundred. The only thing you’ll need is a computer (and chances are, if you’re reading this you’ve already got one).

Here are a few benefits of freelance writing that you may have overlooked…

  • it’s a great way to practice your writing skills
  • you’ll gain a new appreciation for the island
  • you’ll feel good that you’re promoting “the good things”
  • you’ll get a free link to your website or blog (to help gain traffic)
  • you’ll gain exposure for your name, as writer
  • it’s a great excuse to explore the island
  • being “out and about” you’ll meet new people
  • you’ll be helping to publicize local business and events
  • you’ll be helping to preserve historic sites
  • you’ll have more time to practice your photography skills
  • you can write-off expenses for dinner or events on your taxes
  • and you’ll get a free Cruzana t-shirt (coming soon)

Freelance writers: Here’s you’re chance to see your name in lights. Email your article for consideration to Thank you!

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