cindymale.gifCindy Male’s Art and Yoga Studios and Gallery serve the community by offering drawing sessions, yoga classes, private and group art classes, a place to display art, and a place to purchase unusual, made on St. Croix, crafted gifts. The art work of Harlem artist Ademola Olugebefola just left the gallery, and Leslie Cramer’s stimulating driftwood and bamboo work hangs along with Male’s fine and applied pictures, cards, light reflectors, and jewelry. It is open most days as the artist is working in either the fiber studio or the painting studio. You can call ahead at 277-8651.

On Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, Cindy teaches yoga, fusing hatha, kundalini, pranayama, and chi gong to give her students a good stretch, strenuous workout, and practice in deeper breathing. All of this preparation leads up to the culmination of the evening: opening the body, mind, and spirit in meditation.

studio_students.jpgCindy’s philosophy in teaching art coincides with her yoga training. She works with her students to reach into their ‘inner selves’ and draw on personal likes, dislikes, philosophy, and images. Students learn to be more creative and synthesize material for meaning. Says Male, “Techniques evolve from need rather than learning techniques and not having anything to say with them. It takes years before a person’s technical skills and content combine to deliver a compelling image. My printmaking teacher in Florence, Italy once said that it takes twenty years before an artist truly creates with his/her medium.” More information on her art work can be found at Visitors may call and arrange a private art or yoga class while visiting our creative and beautiful island. Give yourself a drawing or watercolor that YOU have done to take home with you.

Currently there are life drawing sessions with culturally costumed models, nudes, and other various interesting ‘characters’. Sensational models, all of them! Right now, the two hour sessions are only $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students. Thanks to a grant from the Virgin Islands Council on the Arts, the price for this summer’s sessions is reduced. If you are interested in learning how to draw the figure, check out these drawing sessions on Tuesdays, Thursday evenings, and Saturdays ( for times and the model for any particular session). Practice makes perfect!

Next Friday, the studio will host a two hour workshop for Danica David’s summer camp. Stations will be set up for fabric work, stamping and stenciling, drawing, and a learning center about the Taino culture.

Cindy Male loves being in her studio. She also loves facilitating the artistic endeavor for others. She firmly believes it strengthens focus and learning, enhances perception, encourages mental associations, and requires expression. As a teacher for over thirty years, from kindergarten through college, her main objective in teaching art is to “turn her students on to their creative and intuitive self”. The ensuing image is an exciting and stimulating byproduct.

For commission work please review or call the artist at 340.277.8651 for a quote on a fabric installation, upholstery, mural, color consultation, or wall texturizing. Choose between these options for a one of a kind interior!