12b148134zzzzzzzzz89obe5a7558c2db10a2.jpgIf you’re like me, owning a small bungalow in true Bali style would be a dream come true. Got a small piece of land for a tropical hideaway? Need a creative outbuilding for an art studio? Looking for a private home office? Maybe a tropical retreat for special visitors?

Finally a company called Tropical Pavilion has created just what you need… a pre-manufactured ready to assemble tropical pavilion made from beautiful hardwood. Everything from floor, doors, windows, woven rattan ceiling, right on up to the pre-assembled wood shingle roof comes shipped to your door in one big container. Call up your buddies or hire a carpenter to assemble (10 days is the usual assembly time). Before you know it you’re ready to sip a cool drink from your very own pavilion.

Here is one definition I like… PAVILION [puh-vil-yuhn]: Pavilion may refer to a free-standing structure sited a short distance from a main residence, whose architecture makes it an object of pleasure. Large or small, there is usually a connection with relaxation and pleasure in its intended use.

Perhaps the best part of this story is the price… my favorite pavilion (Model PH16) is under $29,000 for the entire building. Shipping is extra, from Bali to USA is roughly $3,000. Lighting and furnishings are not included.

Special Offer: Mention Cruzana and save an extra $250 off the total price. After purchase simply email Cruzana with the model# and price of the pavilion you purchased. The manufacturer will then mail a check direct to you. For all questions or to order please visit www.tropicalpavilion.com

Here are more details…

  • Made from sturdy, termite-resistant Merbau, legally harvested
  • Model PH16 (shown in photos) is 323 sq. feet for a total 18′ x 15′ footprint
  • Rafter joinery includes stainless steel bolts and screws, hurricane clips optional
  • All exposed woodwork is sanded and professionally coated, like furniture
  • All glass doors and windows are included, you choose sliding or hinged front door
  • 5mm thick Ironwood shingles are overlapped ensuring a lifespan of up to 30 years.
  • Four layers make up the roof with an attractive exposed interior ceiling (rattan or bamboo weave interior layer, plywood, protective aluminium foil then outer Ironwood shingles)
  • Other models and customization is available

Click on photos to see Model PH16…