Today we traveled through the rainforest and followed the signs to Creque Dam Farm, home of the VI Sustainable Farm Institute. The long and winding dirt road lead to an agricultural oasis in the mountains of St. Croix. Fields with tidy rows of vegetables and picturesque vistas made for an enjoyable trip.

Once we parked, the main building took center stage. It’s a beautifully crafted tropical building with tin hip roofs, rich woods (harvested from sustainable forests), and local stone. Breezes blow through as the aroma of freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs swirl. Inside is an open kitchen, tables of produce, books, t-shirts and a 1/2 dozen smiling “farm crew”.

We spent about 45 minutes looking around, petting baby goats, talking story, buying fresh produce, and snapping a few photos. It was amazing to see what can be created in only a few years time… off the grid systems, a successful organic farming institute, beautiful architecture, all run by a crew of happy people.

For more details please visit their website at…VI Sustainable Farm Institute