Ting is a carbonated beverage sold here on St. Croix. It’s made over in Antiqua and is found on most of the Caribbean islands we’ve visited like: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Lucia. We usually find Ting in little green 8 oz. bottles. Most of the grocery stores and convenience stores carry Ting. The cost is similar to other soft drinks.

We like Ting. We even buy it by the case! The taste is refreshing, especially on a hot day. It is slightly carbonated and therefore bubbly. It has a citrus flavor made from Caribbean grapefruit. Of course it’s best served ice cold. No ting like a cold Ting.

Ting’s not full of strange chemicals either. The ingredients list reads: carbonated water, sugar, grapefruit juice, natural grapefruit flavor and citric acid. Not bad compared to all the chemical-laden soft drinks out there. Okay, it’s not actually “good for you” either, but neither is Rum.

Next time you’re in the Virgin Islands try some Ting! We highly recommend it.