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Kitchens, Doors, Tile…

Today we stopped in at Armrey Industries, part of a new group of businesses located just outside of Christiansted, USVI. Armrey and their partners at Richmond Design Center have a unique business model that umbrellas three companies under one roof… kitchens & bath products, windows and doors, and tile products. Plus each company helps with design and does professional installation. What a great idea!

The three showrooms offer great ideas and knowledgeable employees. Everyone was friendly as we browsed around and learned about their different products. There are many styles of granite, Corian®, and even bamboo counter tops available. We saw dozens of floor and bath tiles plus beautiful mosaic designs in the tile showroom. And in the door and window showroom I was impressed by the beautiful wood and glass folding doors that would be perfect for opening up any tropical home to the outdoors. Later, we got a quick tour of one of their manufacturing facilities and watched craftsman fabricate custom granite counter tops.

armlogowebmod.jpgIf you are looking to build or remodel we recommend stopping by. For contact information or to visit their websites click here for Armrey Industries for St. Croix kitchens and baths or visit Wooden Bridge Trading Company and Mark Hansen Designs for windows and doors.

Below are a few photos I snapped during our visit (click to enlarge)



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  1. Beautiful! Love the mirror and the sniidlg doors! It sometimes feels like we always see the same look over and over so it’s neat to find rooms with unexpected touches 🙂

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