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The Secret of The Waves

View from The Waves (click to enlarge)Friday night we drove down to St. Croix’s North Shore and pulled into the parking area for The Waves at Cane Bay. We think this is one of St. Croix’s best-kept secrets for dinner and drinks. Most drive past The Waves with no idea what they’d find if they descended the stone steps beyond the parking area.

Step down and you’ll see the view of Hamm’s Bluff across the ocean is incredible. Ten feet from our table the surf crashes into the natural swimming pool. Graceful arches, teak chairs, torches, crashing waves and a sunset over the mountains give a unique feeling that’s both intimate and romantic. We briefly met Laura, the owner, who has done a wonderful job of renovating with local stone and simple, elegant furnishings. Carl, or as he’s known to North Shore folks, Crazy Carl, waited on us with good cheer and excellent service. He also recommended an Austrian white wine named Laurenz V. Laurenz & Sophie Singing Gruner Veltliner, which I now highly recommend.


View from The Waves (click to enlarge)

So the setting is beautiful, but the food… wow! The gazpacho and conch chowder were flavorful and delicious. The shrimp and spinach crepes were perfectly prepared and creatively presented. The salt and pepper encrusted mahi on seaweed was the best mahi that we’d ever had. Our 13 year-old daughter realized it was the first time at a restaurant that she’d ever finished her entire entree (chicken and shrimp alfredo). And for dessert she had homemade cookies and cream ice cream… “the best she’d ever tasted”.

This was the second time we’d had dinner at The Waves. Again it was outstanding. Another great night out for us–unbeatable view, great meal, excellent service, happy kids–what more could you ask for? For more information click for The Waves at Cane Bay.

Below are a few photos we took of The Waves at Cane Bay. Click to enlarge….



Kitchens, Doors, Tile…


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